Anderson Hall

With approximately 220 students coming from a variety of academic backgrounds, Anderson is the largest hall on campus. Students living in Anderson Hall are first-year students who First Year Seminar (FYS) courses, one of which is the FYS required by incoming music majors. All rooms are suite-style with two rooms sharing one bathroom. Most rooms are double and triple occupancy, though there is one quad and some singles.

Residents of Anderson Hall engage in Community Standards meetings throughout each semester in which they discuss the policies they live by and hold each other accountable. These meetings give students the opportunity to communicate openly and effectively and live harmoniously with others around them.

Community Assistants are undergraduate student staff members who also live in the hall and provide residents with programming and events, such as movie nights, socials, crafts, sports events, study nights, and about varying topics. The student staff members are available to residents should they need help finding a location on campus, a peer to talk to, academic advice, or a roommate mediation. Our Community Assistants are chosen from a selective hiring process and trained prior to the start of the school year.