What is a Community Assistant?

The Residence Life and Housing team is dedicated to building lasting communities of learning. Community Assistants (CAs) have the largest impact on achieving this goal through their interactions in our residence halls. CAs are responsible for enhancing the experience of living on campus.

The Community Assistant position at the University of Redlands is a rewarding leadership experience on campus, and we select the following year's Community Assistants each February.

Role Modeling: CAs are required to abide by all University policies. They also make decisions and interact with students in an ethical, caring manner that demonstrates the expectations we have for all students.

Student Support: CAs are the first line of contact for the students in the residence halls. As such, they answer questions, help students work through difficult life challenges, connect them with resources, help them find strong social connections, and encourage them to get involved on campus.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution: CAs work with residents to help them resolve conflicts in a healthy and successful manner.

Programming: CAs will plan both social and educational activities for their community.

Community Standards: CAs will facilitate the community standards process by holding meetings with their community to set expectations by which the community wants to live.

Duty: CAs are on duty from 7pm-7am every day. CAs are available to residents and walk through the community multiple times each evening.

Crisis Management: CAs help the campus community remain a safe place to live. They have extensive training in a variety of crisis response situations.

Policy Enforcement: CAs must uphold University policy at all times. This means confronting and documenting possible violations of policy, as these negatively impact the wellbeing of the community.