Every residence hall, organization house, and apartment on our campus has access to their own community laundry facility. Brockton, Grove, and East have external laundry rooms a few steps away, while all other communities have laundry rooms within the hall. All laundry facilities require a key to access, so they are only for use by current residents of that particular community.

Students can check the status of the laundry machines and/or set a text alert to inform them when their laundry is done through the convenient WaveVision website.

All washers and dryers are equipped with credit/debit card readers. Students must use a Visa or Mastercard to pay for laundry, and the machines do accept Visa or Mastercard gift cards should the student not have a credit/debit card. The machine will place an $8 hold on the student's account for 3 hours after they use their card. This way, all charges made on that one laundry day will appear on statements as one charge.

Current laundry costs is $1.25 to wash and $0.75 to dry.

The University of Redlands is proud to work with WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems. If a machine is not working or if a student needs to request a refund for any reason, all inquiries need to go directly to WASH. Their professional service staff is available daily. In the event of a laundry machine issue, students should note the number on the broken machine and request service via the website or call 1-800-421-6897.

In addition, WASH offers an exciting service to students which allows them to check the status of laundry machines from their computers or mobile devices. Students can sign up for Wave Vision to see if there are currently empty machines or to receive text messages when their laundry is done.

Questions or concerns about our laundry services can be directed to Student Affairs at 909-748-8053 or