OP Rental and Bike Shop

Need some outdoor gear?


Gear and equipment rentals for all Outdoor Programs trips are included in your trip costs, so rental fees are waived. However, you must present your Student ID and leave a credit card deposit upon pick up.

All other rentals will be subject to payment by cash, check or credit card.

Equipment & Gear Available for Rent

Prices are for reference only. Please confirm with The Rental Shop if you plan to rent gear for a non-Outdoor Programs excursion.

   Weekend  Extra Day Deposit
4-Person and 6-Person Tents  $5/$8  $3/$4  $100
Sleeping Bags  $5  $3  $75
ThermaRest Pads $4 $2 $50
Foam Ground Pads $2 $1 $25
Tarps $2 $1 $10
Two-Burner Stove $3 $2 $80
Pot & Pan Sets $2 $1 $20
Water Jugs $2 $1 $20
Coolers $2 $1 $20
Backpacks $5 $3 $75
Snowshoes $4 $2 $75
Waterproof Boots $3 $2 $30
Rain Jackets $3 $2 $40

Rain Pants

$3 $2 $40
Thermal Underwear
(Tops and Bottoms)
$2 $1 $20
Rock-Climbing Shoes $3 $2 $40
Head Lamp $3 $2 $25
Bear Canister $3 $2


Crash Pad $4 $2 $50

Outdoor Programs Rental and Bike Shop

Looking to explore the great outdoors?

Or, maybe you just want a place to go in between classes…

Located in Currier Gym, across from the Tennis Courts, OP is open Monday through Friday!

The Outdoor Programs (OP) Rental Shop is a great starting point for any adventure!

In addition to a rental and bike shop, Outdoor Programs offers a place for students to kick back and relax while also providing many resources to help you explore the local outdoor community.  Shop Staff and Trip Leaders are available to provide guidance and support for any trip, including recommendations for locations, activities, gear, or additional information about how to get involved.