What Makes a First Year Journey Unique?

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First Year Journeys are a great way to start your college career at the University of Redlands.  There will be several types of trips offered in 2020, and while each has its own unique opportunities, there are a few important qualities that make them all FYJ's!

  • Each trip will offer opportunities for you to step out of your comfort zone, however all of our FYJ's are challenge by choice, empowering you to choose when how you want to accept each challenge.
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  • Every Outdoor Programs Trip is led by at least one current OP Trip Leader, and every leader has spent a semester training to develop the skills necessary to lead trips.
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  • All FYJ's involve sharing meals, shared group activities, evening programs (where we share readings, ask questions, and play games), and a commitment to building a diverse community.
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  • Each trip is 5 days long with 1.5 days of on campus prep-work before the trips officially begin.
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  • Each trip offers opportunities for you to develop skills such as Communication, Vision & Action, Judgment & Decision-Making, Teamwork/Collaboration, Tolerance for Adversity & Uncertainty, and basic competencies of outdoor travel.
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