SoCal Mountains Multi-Sport

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Sample Itinerary

Below is an example of a SoCal Mountains Multi-Sport itinerary.  This itinerary is subject to change.


Day 1 Drive from campus Serrano Campground on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake (approximately 1.5 hours).  Set up camp at Serrano.
Day 2 Spend a half day paddle boarding on the lake.  Begin to prepare for your one-night backpack tomorrow.
Day 3 Pack for your one-night backpack and head up the Cougar Crest Trail to the PCT!  Set up a backcountry campsite in the mountains.
Day 4 Wake up, pack up camp, and return to Serrano Campground for a final night at your original campsite by the lake.
Day 5  Pack up camp and drive back to Redlands Campus (1.5 hours).

Additional Information

No prior backpacking or paddle boarding experience is necessary for this trip.  This trip does include hiking with moderate elevation gain.

Trip Cost:. $435.00