Havasu Falls Backpacking

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Day 1 Drive from campus to the trailhead on top of the Havasu Canyon (approx. 7 hours).  Camp at the canyon top.
Day 2 Start your backpack into Havasu Canyon.  This hike is 10-miles and mostly losing elevation.  Arrive at the Havasupai Campsite and set up camp.  Spend the afternoon enjoying the water!
Day 3 Layover day at camp.  Day hike to Havasu Falls and Mooney falls before returning back to Havasupai Campsite
Day 4 Spend one last morning at the falls before hiking back to the trailhead.  This hike returns on the same path you travelled to get to camp, however the elevation is reversed, meaning you'll be hiking uphill.  The last mile is considered the toughest and most rewarding part of the backpack by many students.
Day 5 Wake up at the canyon trailhead and return to campus.

Trip Description: 

Head to Arizona to visit a secret gem located just outside of the Grand Canyon.

You'll embark on a 10-mile, canyon backpack (considered a must see experience in many adventure circles) before arriving at Havasu Falls, a canyon oasis managed by the Havasupai tribe.  Once there you will have options to hike and swim in the crystal blue waters and relax on the riverbank before returning back to your vans and eventually to campus.

No prior backpacking or rock climbing experience is necessary for this trip.  This trip does include hiking with moderate elevation gain and is recommended for students who are interested in challenging themselves physically.

Trip Cost:  $500.00