Channel Islands Coastal Camping and Sea Kayaking

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Sample Itinerary

Below is an example of a Channel Islands itinerary.  This itinerary is subject to change.


Day 1

 Early departure from campus to catch 9:00am Ferry from Ventura, CA.  Take the ferry (1 hour) to Channel Islands National Park.  Set up front country camp at Scorpion Campground.
Day 2 Meet Kayak guides and get geared up before spending the day kayaking the waters surrounding the Channel Islands.  Return to Scorpion Campground.
Day 3 Layover day on the island.  Explore one of several day hikes along the coast including smuggler's cove and the trans-island hike.  Return to camp at Scorpion Campground.
Day 4 Pick up where you left off with another day of kayaking the Channel Islands.  If conditions permit, explore caves and coastline.  Return to Scorpion Campground.
Day 5 Relaxing morning before packing up camp and returning via ferry to Ventura, CA.  Pick up vans and head back to campus (3 hour drive).


Trip Description

Extended Trip Description

Trip Cost:. $500.00