Explore Majors & Careers

The Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) provides multiple resources and assessments that help students explore major and career possibilities. These resources will allow you to reflect on your unique characteristics to see how they fit into major and career options. Keep in mind that these are ideas only, meant to give you a wide view of opportunities, rather than a limited perspective on career opportunities.

Using the assessments and resources below, you will find various major, career, and professional pathways that can fit your unique personality, skills, interests, and values. Use the information below to learn more about each resource and be sure to come speak with a Peer Career Educator (PCE) in our Career Studio to review your results and outline the next steps along your professional journey.

Focus 2 Education & Career Planning System

This platform guides students through educational and professional exploration & planning. Five assessments are available to help students choose a major(s) that is offered at the University of Redlands, explore occupations that fit with their characteristics, and make well-informed career decisions. Start planning today!

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Use this online resource to connect majors to careers. You can view which industries and types of employers that hire for each major, as well as review strategies that can increase marketability within that career area.

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