Employers & Recruiters

The Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) encourages employers to engage with University of Redlands students and alumni in meaningful ways. We are dedicated to providing support to employers looking to offer internships, fellowships, and full and part-time opportunities within their organization. We look forward to learning more about our employer partners, their companies/industries, and supporting their efforts to recruit our well prepared and qualified students and alumni.

We offer a variety of recruitment options for our employer partners to connect with talent across our schools and academic programs. Please learn more about our students and recruitment options below. After reviewing the options below, if you would like to discuss your hiring needs further, please book an office/phone appointment here.

About the University of Redlands and Its Talent

The University of Redlands was founded in 1907 and has a college and multiple schools which include the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the School of Business (SB), and the School of Education (SE). See why the Fiske Guide to Colleges says Redlands is “one of higher education’s better-kept secrets” in our Viewbook.

The College of Arts and Sciences consists of more than 40 departmental programs with majors and minors rooted in traditional liberal arts. Additionally, students can create their own self-directed major through the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies where they develop multidisciplinary course and program contracts that outline their curriculum. Master’s degrees are also offered in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Geographic Information Systems, and Music. The CAS Fact Sheet offers key information about the College of Arts & Sciences in one convenient document.

The University of Redlands School of Business offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs throughout California. Available programs include a Bachelor of Science in Business, a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master of Arts in Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Master of Science in Information Technology. Eight campuses are located throughout California, in Burbank, Marin, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Riverside, South Coast Metro (Orange County), San Diego, Temecula. The School of Business Fact Sheet offers key information about the school in one convenient document. Want to learn more, click here.

The School of Education is a graduate and professional educational division of the University of Redlands that houses the following departments: Teaching and Learning, Counseling and Human Services, and Leadership and Higher Education. School of Education programs are offered at 6 campuses in California: Marin, South Coast Metro (Orange County), Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside and Redlands. The School of Education Fact Sheet offers key information about the school in one convenient document. Want to learn more, click here.

Post Jobs, Internships, and Fellowships

Thank you for your interest in our Bulldog students and alumni!

The Office of Career & Professional Development would like to invite you to post any internship, fellowship, or employment opportunities through Handshake, our online career center management system and job board. Handshake allows 24/7 access for employers to brand, post positions, and view student profiles that have been made public. You can post to the Handshake system at no cost. Please read the information below to create an account and log-in.

Before posting information about an unpaid internship in Handshake, please ensure that you are meeting the guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor.

Create a Handshake Employer Account

1.     Go to https://app.joinhandshake.com, enter your email address, and “I’m an Employer” to get started. If your company has not been created in the system, you will need to do so before moving forward.

2.     Complete your employer profile. Be sure to offer as much information as possible in order to allow students and alumni to learn as much about your organization as possible. Employers need to be approved by the Office of Career & Professional Development before they can post a job.

3.     Do note that Handshake indicates a “trust score” for all companies in the Handshake system. Having a high trust score can be a requirement for a career center to approve you to engage with their students through Handshake. Click here to learn about the trust score and how it is calculated.

Post a Job, Fellowship, or Internship in Handshake

  1. Log-in to your Handshake account at https://app.joinhandshake.com/.
  2. Select “Post a Job” on your Home page. This will take you to the “New Job” form. Complete and submit the form to post your position.
  3. Jobs need to be approved by the Office of Career & Professional Development before it can be seen by students.
  4. Additional support can be found at the Handshake Help Center.

Employer Information Sessions

Employer Information Sessions are great ways for employers to engage with our students at the Redlands campus. Sessions are held during the academic year in a smart classroom or other event space that is conducive to the goals and learning outcomes of the employer and our office. Employers are able to host an information session on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings between 7:00pm to 8:15pm, with check-in occurring at 6:15pm. Employers are provided with needed technology for the reserved space (if available).

Information Sessions work best for organizations that already have brand recognition and desirability on our campus and in the marketplace. We do not recommend information sessions for brand building as this presents attendance challenges.

If you would like to learn more or would like to schedule an information session, please email our office at ocpd@redlands.edu.

Support Students in the Career Studio

The OCPD Career Studio is a one-stop help center for any University of Redlands student or alumni seeking career advice, direction, or assistance.  The Studio is staffed by a team of highly trained and skilled peer career educators (PCEs), but it can also be staffed by you. We encourage recruiters to spend time in the studio to interact with students and alumni and offer their guidance and feedback.

Career decision-making, professional preparation (including professional documents, job searching, interview preparation, networking, negotiating), and career assessments are the main functions of the Career Studio. Studio hours are on Tuesdays from 11:00am to 7:00pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

If you would like to learn more or would like to schedule a shift in the Career Studio, please email our office at ocpd@redlands.edu.

Host a Career Trek

The OCPD encourages interactions between our students and employers off campus at the employer’s worksite through Career Treks. These events help students learn about an employer’s work environment and culture, an understanding that is important to today’s employee.

If you would like to learn more or would like to begin planning and reserve a date for a Career Trek, please email our office at ocpd@redlands.edu.

Sponsor a Signature Event

Additional event opportunities are available for employers to engage our students. These event options could include hosting a student luncheon, participating in a career conference, or facilitating other special events in partnership with the OCPD.

If you have an idea you would like to share or would like to brainstorm ideas, please email our office at ocpd@redlands.edu.

Employer Check-in and Parking

Employer Check-In with OCPD

Employers can check-in with the Office of Career & Professional Development in our new space on the 1st floor of the Armacost Library, room #116 (building #221 on the campus map). Our office is located along the north hallway, across from ResNet. Once check-in is complete, we will direct you to the location of your event.


Visitors can park in any of the unmarked parking spaces around the Armacost Library (north and west side of building #221) or anywhere else on campus. Please note while going through the check-in process with our office, you will be asked to sign a “Waiver of Liability” form and you will be given a parking permit for your vehicle. Because the amount of available parking spaces varies throughout the day and evening, we encourage recruiters to carpool when able.

View our Redlands campus map for further assistance. Below is the address to the University of Redlands main campus.

University of Redlands
1200 E. Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92373