New Transfer Student Orientation (Fall)

Transfer Student Orientation Schedule

The goal of the University of Redlands’ New Transfer Student Orientation is to welcome new students and begin the process of integrating new transfer students into Redlands' community.

Transfer Orientation will be held for the first time in July to give new transfer students adequate time to prepare for their fall semester. The University of Redlands understands that the transfer community is a diverse population filled with commuters and full-time workers who would benefit by having an earlier orientation.

New Transfer Student Orientation is a mandatory 2-day event on Friday July 12th, and Saturday July 13th. The event will begin in the morning Friday and will conclude in the afternoon on Saturday. Students will have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus and meals will be provided for both days.

Detailed schedule will be available in July 2019!


New Student Orientation will help you:

  • Settle into your new community at the University of Redlands and support the transition onto our campus.
  • Prepare for your academic journey by letting you meet your academic advisor, register for classes and attend sessions to support your educational experience.
  • Connect and engage with your fellow classmates in a variety of activities.
  • Immerse yourself in this new experience, and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and all the resources available to you.
Mandatory Orientation Registration

All new students are required to register for New Transfer Student Orientation by Monday June 24th. Please click on this link to register:

Mandatory Forms

In your deposit confirmation letter, you will receive your "user ID and password." You should visit and log in to verify your status and monitor your progress on clearing the mandatory forms. Remember to frequently check your University email and your my.Redlands account to see which outstanding items (e.g., bill, immunizations, loan documents, etc.) still need to be completed.

Starting in mid-August, new students can access the "online check-in" site, which informs the University a student is attending. You must complete the online check-in process by the end of your first week of classes.

Parents and Families

The University welcomes parents, guardians, and families of our first year students! We are pleased that your student decided to join the Bulldog family.  At Redlands, we value the significance of a strong support system and appreciate the contributions that loved ones have made towards their student's educational journey.

Schedule will be available in July 2019!