Welcome Transfer Bulldogs!

In light of our current circumstances, our onboarding experience is going to utilize a virtual approach for transfer student orientation as we help to prepare transfer students for the spring semester.

Please continue to check your Redlands email for further details on the upcoming transfer student onboarding events. We strongly encourage all transfer students to attend the virtual orientation events. If students are unable to attend, sessions will be recorded with the option of viewing at later time.

Click here to view resources videos that will help prepare you for your advising appointment. You must be logged in using your Redlands account to view the videos. 

New Transfer Student Support Virtual Office Hours
Members of the Transfer Student Success Team will begin office hours the first week of the spring semester. 

For any further questions about your educational journey at the U of R, please reach out to the Transfer Student Success Coordinator, Darci Manzo Piron, at darci_manzopiron@redlands.edu for assistance.

Och Tamale!