Psychiatric Services

The Student Health Center has a board-certified psychiatrist, Regina Liwnicz, MD, on staff who provide evaluations and prescriptions for psychiatric medication. Access to our psychiatrist is only available through internal referrals.  Students who require or seek psychiatric services in most instances must first see a provider at the Student Health Center, or a Counseling Center therapist for an intake assessment and referral.

Your First Visit to the Health Center’s Psychiatrist

  • Bring a list of any psychiatric medications you have used in the past.
  • If you are currently taking psychiatric medications, please bring your prescription bottles to the appointment
  • Let the psychiatrist know as much as possible about all of the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing and how long you have been experiencing them.
  • Let the psychiatrist know about any other medications you are taking and other substances you use, including alcohol and other recreational substances. Be prepared that the psychiatrist may recommend or require that you change or eliminate use of certain substances, as they may interfere with psychiatric medications.


Medication for ADHD

If you are seeking medication for ADHD, more than likely the psychiatrist will want to see evidence that you have been on medication for ADHD for a long time or will want you to obtain psycho-educational testing supporting a diagnosis of ADHD.  Academic Success and Disability Services or a therapist at the Counseling Center can provide you with information about this testing.  


Continuing Your Medications Over the Summer

If a Student Health Center psychiatrist has been prescribing medications for you and you would like medications prescribed for you to take during the summer break, please be sure to talk with the psychiatrist about this at least one month prior to the time of your departure.  In most instances summer coverage can be provided.  Because our psychiatrists are busy, call for an appointment a few weeks before you need to be seen. 

Student Health Center Psychiatric Services

The Student Health Center can in many cases provide evaluations and prescriptions for psychiatric medication.  You may make an appointment directly with the us if you would like to be evaluated. In certain cases the Student Health Center will refer students to a psychiatrist at the Student Health Center or in the community.