Urgent Situations & Emergencies

What is an urgent situation?

An urgent situation is one in which you are concerned about yourself or another person who may be:

  • at risk for suicide
  • at risk for harm to others
  • having difficulty functioning, i.e., not eating, not sleeping, etc.


These sorts of situations cannot wait for a routine intake appointment. Here are your options:

During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm:

  • Escort the student/yourself to the Counseling Center. If you are able to call to let us know you are on your way, that can help us. We understand that may not always be possible. 


  • Call the Counseling Center, 909-748-8108, and let the administrative assistant know that you (or another student) need(s) to be seen as soon as possible. The administrative assistant will need to talk with the student in order to obtain contact information and a brief description of the situation.  If the crisis counselor is not available at that time, the administrative assistant will ask for the student's availability that day and will schedule a  same-day phone assessment. The crisis counselor will call the student at the agreed upon time, will make a phone assessment, and will schedule the student that day or within a few days. 


After hours, you can reach the Counseling Center's after hours crisis counselor by contacting:


Other crisis resources are listed here:

Referrals and Resources