Practicum Training Program 


Graduate students in psychology may apply to be a practicum student-therapist at our Counseling Center. As a practicum student, you will have the opportunity to provide individual therapy, group therapy, and limited assessments for University of Redlands students in a multidisciplinary environment. The Counseling Center treats approximately 15-18% of University of Redlands students each year. 



Fifteen to twenty hours per week commitment is required for approximately 31 weeks during the academic year from September through May. Working two to three evenings is required, as is attendance at a two hour group supervision/training seminar meeting (time TBA) in the fall.

Prior coursework in psychotherapy and at least one theoretical orientation is strongly preferred. A background in counseling/psychotherapy is also helpful in place of this sequence or in addition to it. Each student, however, will be considered for placement based on individual training needs/aspirations and experience.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 9:00pm; Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Population Characteristics

The Counseling Center provides short-term individual therapy to students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and the School of Business. The students in the College of Arts and Sciences are primarily traditional aged undergraduate students while students in the Schools of Education and Business are returning graduate students. Common clinical foci include major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, bipolar, trauma work, substance abuse, Autism spectrum disorders and personality disorders.

The student population is diverse. Approximately 48% are students of color and 15% identify as LGBTQ. SES distribution is bimodal. Many students are from upper middle class and upper class families choose the University of Redlands. Additionally, approximately 25% of students are Cal Grant recipients who are often from the local area, are first generation college students, and are often first generation born in the United States.

Clinical Experience/General Responsibilities

Within the university setting, practicum students will be working with a multidisciplinary team including health, conduct and disciplinary entities, disability and academic support services and the professional development center.

Practicum students will provide individual psychotherapy, assessment for substance abuse, assessment and referral of EDOs, and possible co-leadership of group therapy. Degree of acuity and level of psychopathology will vary widely as clients are not prescreened.

We are typically conducting many of the following therapy groups:

  • Social Skills
  • Management of Bipolar Disorder
  • LGBTQ & Questioning
  • Transgender and Gender Questioning
  • Grief Group
  • Mindfulness Group
  • Sexual Assault Survivors Group
  • Adjusting to College Group
  • Transitions Group (for seniors)
  • Substance Use Group

See a list of our current groups here.

Practicum begins in September and ends in May and includes an all-day training in early September. Participation in campus wide suicide and substance abuse screenings is also encouraged.

Supervision & Training

Students will receive one hour weekly of individual supervision from one of three supervisors, and two hours per week of group supervision. Video recording of sessions is available and required for supervision. Group supervision incorporates formal case presentations and clinical didactic training on topics such as Suicide Prevention, Working with LGB clients, Mindfulness, Trauma Resiliency Models, EMDR, Working with Transgender Clients, Psychodynamic Thought, Grief Work, Narrative Therapy, and Boundaries/Ethical Issues in Therapy. Additional topics can be offered depending on practicum students' interests.

Application Process

We will have four-five practicum positions at our Counseling Center. To apply for a practicum position at the University of Redlands Counseling Center, please email your application materials to the Counseling Center's administrative assistant, Maria Olson at Your materials should include the following:

1) Cover Letter

2) Curriculum Vitae

3) One letter of recommendation preferably from a clinical supervisor


If you have questions about our practicum training program at any time, please feel free to email the Training Director, Dr. Robin Cooper at


Application materials are due by Friday, February 19th, 2021.

We will abide by Southern California Association of Psychology Training Programs (SCAPTP) guidelines and inform applicants on the Uniform Practicum Notification Day, Monday, April 12th, 2021.

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