Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my student I.D. towards my Meal Plan?

You will need to show your photo Student I.D. card to the cashier each time you eat in a University of Redlands café to spend Dining Dollars...unless you're paying with cash.

What is "retail" dining?

Meals are priced on a "retail" or "per item" basis. Using the Debit Dollars encoded on your student I.D. card, you'll spend as you prefer for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night snack. You're responsible for how much or how little you spend each day. In the real world, this is called living on a budget! Cashiers are located at each food venue. Simply order your meal and give the cashier your card, we'll deduct the cost of the items from your personal account.

How do I use register receipts to pace my spending?

Every time you purchase an item at one of the five venues on campus (Bulldog Café, Irvine Commons, Plaza Café, Plaza Market or the U-Club) the register receipt you receive will show the up-to-date Declining Credit Balance. The amount shown is the amount of DCB dollars you have left on your account. Each week a Budget Pace Chart is posted which shows the daily "on-pace" balances for each meal plan. Compare the recommended balance on the pace chart with the actual amount of DCB dollars on your register receipt. You will then see how close you are to making your DCB dollars last.

How do I budget for May Term?

If you are an enrolled student (full or part time) for either the Fall or Spring Semester, your DCB dollars will carry over into May Term as long as you have budgeted your spending appropriately. In other words, if you are enrolled for the Fall semester and travel abroad in the Spring, your remaining DCB dollars will carry over if you enroll for May Term. You need to contact the Bon Appétit Office to activate the remaining DCB dollar amount once you return from abroad.

If you are planning to attend May Term, it is your responsibility to budget your DCB dollars throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters in order to last through May Term. The daily pace chart will show recommended "on-pace" balances for students who will attend May Term.

If you are not going to attend May Term and realize you have an excessive amount of DCB dollars, you can arrange to purchase bulk items from the Plaza Market and/or work with the selected service organizations (through Bon Appétit) to donate some (or all) of your excess DCB dollars. Remember, DCB dollars have no "actual" cash value and are forfeited at the end of the Spring Semester or at the end of May Term, which ever period of time you are officially noted as not being an enrolled student.

Do Dining Dollars expire?

DCB dollars are not refundable and have no cash value. Although DCB dollars will carry over from one semester to the next, including May Term (see above), it is the students responsibility to manage their DCB dollars appropriately. All DCB dollars remaining at the end of each academic year are forfeited. Students who permanently withdraw from the University forfeit any remaining DCB dollars. The effective date of withdrawal will be determined by the date used by Student Affairs during the Exit Interview and the student's actual move out date from university property.

Can I share my I.D. card and Dining Dollars with a friend?

Sorry, but no. The student I.D. card with your photo on it is for your use only to access your personal meal plan. A friend may not borrow or use it, as meal plan access is simply not transferable. So, if the photo doesn't come close to looking like you, the cashier will have to keep it. We encourage you to use your meal card to treat a friend but you must be present to do so.

Can I add Dining Dollars to my account?

If you are eating at a level beyond your selected plan, you may purchase additional DCB dollars at the Bon Appétit Office during posted hours, or just see a Bon Appétit manager in the Irvine Commons. DCB dollars are offered at a 10% discount in any quantity above $25.00 during the first two weeks of each semester. For example, a $50.00 purchase and you will net $55.00 in DCB dollars. But, the savings is actually more than 10% because by converting your cash into DCB dollars, the sales tax is already covered, making your total discount 18%!

What if I am sick?

If you happen to get sick and are unable to make a meal, we'll be happy to send a meal home to you. Ask your Resident Life Senior Staff Member, Advisor, or Campus Health Services to notify a Bon Appétit manager; then talk a friend into taking your I.D. Card to the Irvine Commons. We'll pack up your meal and send it with your friend…along with our wish for your speedy recovery.

What if I have kitchen facilities in my apartment or at home - does a Meal Plan make sense for me?

Absolutely! The time that you use to shop, plan, cook, and clean up after your meal could be used to study, meet with friends, or just have fun. Bon Appétit food is made-from-scratch daily by the onsite executive chef who designs menus weekly based on the community's food preferences as well as seasonal availability. A dining plan simply makes dining EASY! If you are one who just loves to cook, the new Plaza Market will offer groceries, bulk foods and farm fresh fruits and vegetables from our local growers.

What if I want to change my dining plan?

Meal plan changes are allowed until the first Friday after classes start each semester. Your meal plan changes are completed by accessing your MyRedlands Housing portal and submitting the change there.

Do you accommodate special diets?

We'll be happy to work with any student whose physician requests special diet consideration. Just make arrangements through Campus Health Services and a manager will meet with you to discuss your needs.

How do I know what's cookin'?

Our daily menus can be viewed on the flat panel display at the entrance to the Hunsaker Dining Center. Lunch and dinner for the whole Week are available for viewing by visiting our website at:

What do I do if my I.D. card gets lost or stolen?

If your I.D. Card leaves home without you, or simply disappears on you, call the Bon Appétit office at 909-748-8971 immediately: we will keep the card from being used by someone else. Replacement cards are ten dollars and are issued by the Student Life Office Monday through Friday. Forget to bring your card when you want to eat? Your choice: head home and get that pesky card or come up with cash to pay. If you pay cash, come to the Bon Appétit office within 48 hours with your I.D. Card. We'll update your card and cheerfully refund your cash, but only within those 48 hours.

Additional Questions?

Please call the Bon Appétit office at 909-748-8971.

Good things to know . . .

Pack-Out Policy
Lots of campus groups plan events, parties, and activities which require or desire food. We like to oblige and are happy to make it easy for you to use your meal plan to do so. We do ask for 7 business days notice and that the events and activities be sponsored by a Resident Hall, student organization or be an academic /athletic activity. Once arrangements have been made with a Bon Appétit manager, the coordinator must present the attendee signup sheet 5 business days prior to pickup time complete with names, meal card numbers and signatures.

Student Employment
It is Bon Appétit's philosophy to actively seek out good, reliable student employees. Many of them have gone into the restaurant business; some are now managers with us! So, if you like to work in a fun atmosphere, we'd like to talk with you. We pay one of the highest hourly rates on campus, provide a meal each shift, train you thoroughly and we understand the need for flexible schedules. Inquire at the Bon Appétit office and we'll set up an interview. If you need that extra money, check out the many benefits of working with Bon Appétit.

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