Community Outreach

Whether you serve the elderly, a garden, a homeless shelter, or a hospital, you will be put into one of the most important positions of your life: that of community servant.

Before serving, think critically about what you bring to the agency you serve. Ask yourself, "what can I offer this program and how can I get involved?" before you make the phone call to inquire about service, be certain you have the time and means to serve.

When you make contact with an agency director or volunteer coordinator, ask relevant questions such as: "who will I serve?" "how will I serve?" and perhaps most importantly, "what is the mission of the program?" Asking these questions is taking the first steps toward one of the most meaningful and engaging experiences of your life.

There is nothing more valuable to a community than active citizens. Be a part of something great.

Agencies listed Community Partners have indicated a need for service providers. If you cannot reach these agencies for any reason, contact the Office of Community Service Learning at 909.748.8288 or visit us on the second floor of the Hunsaker Center, located across from the Irvine Commons.