"In a Box" Program

The "In A Box Program" provides essential items for women and children living in domestic violence shelters. Through this program items such as underwear, feminine products, non perishable food, clothes, toiletries, educational toys, baby supplies, seasonal gifts and school supplies are packed into big decorated boxes and sent to the shelters.

This program is necessary because the women and children are in protective custody and hiding from someone who is abusive. They cannot go to stores conveniently like Costco or Target. Through this initiative, "Mother's Day In A Box," "Back to School In A Box," "Christmas In A Box," "Halloween In A Box," "Valentine's Day In A Box" and other non seasonal boxes are provided for the women and children in shelters. This allows them to celebrate holidays despite the burden of domestic violence.

About the "In A Box" Founder, Javier Espinoza

Growing up, domestic violence tarnished so many of my childhood experiences. I was the kid in class that when Father's Day came would make my mother gifts instead. Some kids were confused, but there was no confusion about the love my mother showed for her five children. Today, I know with every success I achieve, I am more able to lift up those who still live with the weight of domestic violence.

The most important item I provide for the women and children in the shelters is my voice. With every box, I also include a letter. I know how dark some days can seem, but I want the children to know they can come out of domestic violence college-bound with a future full of opportunity. The "In A Box Program" was started in Marin County, CA in 2008.


There are many ways to get involved if you would like to help women and children living in domestic violence shelters. In addition to financial support, you can make donations of clothes, toys, food and more.

For more info please contact:

Javier Espinoza
"In A Box" Program Coordinator
University of Redlands
1231 East Colton Ave. P512
Redlands, CA 92373

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