I'm Going to College

The "I'm Going to College" Program is an initiative of the Office of Campus Diversity and Inclusion geared to educate first generation and underrepresented students about higher education. First generation refers to students who are the first in their families to attend and complete higher education.

We work mostly with K to 8th grade students from across Southern California to help them better understand the process of getting to college, financial aid options and a glimpse into college life. Studies have shown that students whose parents have attended higher education are twice more likely to attend college than those students whose parents have not attended college. The decision to attend college for many students comes prior to their junior or senior year in high school.

Our mission is to work with children from a young age to plant the idea of college so that by the time they are high school students, they are already preparing for their college career. This program addresses the lack of awareness among first-generation college students about their opportunity to gain a first class, individualized education at the University of Redlands and similar institutions.

University of Redlands student volunteers lead specialized tours and informational sessions, in which they answer any and all questions students may have about successfully getting to college and gaining a bachelor's degree.

A typical visit to the University consists of:

  • 1 hour campus tour - Students will take a guided tour with one University of Redlands student mentor. They will be able to view academic buildings, residence halls, student center, library and dining facilities. Additional locations available upon request.

  • 30 minutes Q&A/Round Robin session - students will engage in a conversation with student mentors at a time to talk about the following topics:

    • Academics

    • Student Life

    • Residence Life

    • Athletics

    • Admissions and Financial Aid

  • Lunch

    • Students are invited to dine in our newly remodeled campus dining hall, and engage with conversation with college students.

    • $8.75 per student covers a full meal.

If you are hoping to bring a group of more than 50 students, we can only accommodate you on Fridays.

This program does not operate between the months of May and August. Tours will resume in late September.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour with IGTC, please follow these links Fall Tours or Spring Tours to submit a Visit Inquiry Form.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Gabriel_Olivares@redlands.edu.