Faculty Interaction Program

Student Affairs is pleased to present the opportunity to enhance faculty-student interaction through the Faculty Interaction Program (FIP). This initiative allows faculty members to take students off-campus to enhance classroom learning, following the University's mission to "go beyond training to embrace a reflective understanding of our world". You might start with a core group of students from a particular class for this trip but a requirement for FIP is that we advertise the trip to the rest of campus to encourage students to interact with faculty members and travel to a different place. You may also choose to put together a FIP trip to a location that interests you but has no relation to a class that you are teaching currently. 

Due to the increased cost of fuel, we must consolidate trips where possible. Therefore, if three of you write to us separately about travelling to the Norton Simon Museum (for example), we will work to see if we can get a bigger bus and put all three together. We ask for your flexibility in this regard as our budget is limited and, given that the average cost of each bus trip is $700.00, we do not want half-empty buses on the road.

Our expectation for FIP trips is that they are not planned during scheduled class times. However, we know that many performances (theatrical, musical, etc.) are in the evenings and, understanding the value of such programs, we do fund most weekday evening requests.

While you should feel free to request funds to travel to a site that has particular relevance for one or more of your classes, FIP is not intended to cover field trips for your class. We hope to fill, at minimum, a 25 passenger bus.