Service Requirement for Social  Justice

Everyone in Fairmont's Catalyst program will be enrolled in CSAC 380.03 or CSAC 383.03 CSAC 380.03 (3 units) and CSAC 383.03 (0 units).

First year students and returners without CSAC are to complete 30 hours of various special hall programs as well as 30 hours committed to one project or agency totaling 60 hours.

*We were allowing 20 hours of involvement for being in the Catalyst community immersed in service, meetings, lectures etc. 380.03 students are required to write a journal, final reflective paper, keep a timesheet, evaluate the program and be evaluated by a supervisor. 383 students need only keep a timesheet and write a final reflective paper. Hours could be counted for Fall and Spring -- and even May term.

*Students who have already completed CSAC need only serve 20 to 40 hours of service. They should enroll in CSAC 383.03 Catalyst Program.