Incoming New & Transfer Student To-Do List

If you are an incoming or new transfer student and you have dietary, housing, learning, mental health, or physical/medical accommodation needs, the office of Academic Success & Disability Services would love to work with you in determining and setting up appropriate supports. Look for the appropriate information below and feel free to call, email, or set up an individual appointment to further discuss your needs. Our contact information is:

Phone: 909-748-8069
Fax: 909-335-5296 (Private)
Address:  Student Development Center
                  1200 E. Colton Ave. Redlands, CA 92373

Please send your documentation using any of the options previously listed.


Appointments to discuss accommodations over the summer can be held by phone, Skype, or in person.

Dietary and housing accommodations will be determined when the Accommodations Request packet is submitted (see below).

Academic accommodations will officially be put in place within the first few weeks of classes during your in-person appointment. Registration is August 31st, 2019, and appointments for academic accommodations can be scheduled as of September 2nd, 2019. Schedule your appointment when you do not have class.

Transfer students who register for classes at Transfer Orientation in July will also set up appointments to put academic accommodations in place as of September 2nd, 2019.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are for those students who had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan in high school. These plans can include learning differences, mental health, or physical/medical diagnoses.

If you had an IEP or 504 Plan, please provide the following information:

  1. Your most recent IEP or 504 Plan.
  2. The most recent copy of your psychoeducational evaluation.
  3. Optional – a letter from ACT or SAT allowing extended time on their standardized exam.
  4. If you attended a private or specialized high school, if the school can provide you a letter stipulating the academic accommodations they offered to you, that would be great. If they cannot provide a letter that is okay too.
  5. Once you register for and have a full schedule of classes, schedule an in-person meeting with Amy Wilms, Assistant Dean of Academic Success & Disability Services for academic accommodations to officially be put in place. Accommodations cannot be put in place without a face-to-face, sit-down meeting.
  6. Your in-person meeting will include a review and discussion of your documentation, questions regarding what academic accommodations you have used in the past, what accommodations may no longer be applicable in college, what accommodations will best support you at the University of Redlands, and the determination of official accommodations, detailed in an Accommodation Form which is emailed to both you and your professors.
  7. Transfer students – provide a confirmation of accommodations provided to you at your previous institution, along with a copy of the most recent psycho educational evaluation, IEP, or 504 plan you had in high school, if applicable.
  8. The goal is to share Accommodation Forms with your professors within the first few weeks of the beginning of the semester.

Medical/Mental Health – Academic Accommodations

You may also have had accommodations for physical/medical or mental health reasons. If that is the case, a letter from your medical or mental health professional is needed, and which shares: 

  1. Diagnosis/diagnoses.
  2. Medications – if on medication, list dosages of medications and possible effect/s on academics.
  3. What academic accommodations are recommended by medical or mental health professional?

Amy Wilms, Assistant Dean of Academic Success & Disability Services, will work with you in person to determine and set up academic accommodations.

Once you have registered for classes, please contact Academic Success & Disability Services at 909-748-8069, or stop by and make an appointment in person at the Student Development Center, ground floor of the Armacost Library, across the hall from the Human Resources Department, and down the hall from the Jones Computer Center.

Dietary & Housing Accommodations

If you are seeking housing accommodations, you must complete the Accommodated Housing Request packet. A qualified medical/mental health professional must complete some of the paperwork as well. Download the packet here.

If you are seeking dietary accommodations, a conversation or meeting with our food service group is also required. Please contact Student Affairs at 909-748-8053 for the appropriate contact information

If you are seeking one or both accommodations, a personal statement must be included, stating in your own words the reason/s you are seeking a particular accommodation. This can be sent to in an email or as a Word document.

Please complete the information in the Accommodated Housing Request packet as soon as possible so your request can be reviewed by the Accommodations Committee (see packet for further information) and a decision can be determined and communicated to you.