Housing & Dietary Accommodations

Any students requiring accommodations for housing or dietary needs should fully complete the Accommodations Request Packet, available online, and mail or scan a completed hard copy to the Disability Services Office. The appropriate forms in this packet should be completed by the dates published by Residence Life and Housing (published early in the spring semester of each academic year). The Accommodations Committee reviews all requests. Incoming students (first-year or transfer) can contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Success & Disability Services as soon as you deposit with the University of Redlands for the upcoming semester with any questions.

For information about housing accommodation that may be relevant to your living situation, including resident hall and room specifications, please complete the following:

Accommodations Request Packet *Please note that a personal statement is a required part of this request packet. (See step 4 of the process on the first page of the packet.)*

In addition, your housing accommodation concerns may include Emotional Support Animals (ESA). Please review the following documents about the ESA process:

ESA Process Checklist

ESA Policy *Please note that a personal statement is a required part of the approval process. (See top of page 2.)*

ESA Request for Information 

Completed requests are due no later than: December 1st for Spring Semester & August 1st for Fall Semester. Completed Request includes a personal statement (see ESA Policy, pg. 2); also see ESA Process Checklist (#3) for information to include in the personal statement. Once completed Request for Information is received, student will meet on Microsoft Teams with Assistant Dean.    

Members of the Accommodations Committee include:

  • Assistant Dean of Academic Success & Disability Services

  • Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs

  • Director, Counseling Center

  • Director, Health Center

  • Faculty Member