Senior Profiles 

Allie Williams '18
Religious Studies, Education

 Thesis: Religion in the Classroom

Annabel Li '18
Religious Studies, Environmental Studies

Thesis: Multi-Faith Environmentalism

Chloe Kennedy '18
Religious Studies, Spatial Studies

 Thesis: The Portrayal of a Journey: A Comparative Look at Three Iconic Travel Logs

Courtney Kasin '18
Religious Studies, Communication Disorders 

 Thesis: The Women behind the Pulpit

Quinn Navarro '18
Religious Studies, Pre-Health 

 Thesis: Healing Without Gloves

Mariah Kennedy'18
Religious Studies, Theater   

Thesis: Rewriting Creation: The Mystery of Midrash

Clarie Mckeefry '18
Religious Studies  Psychology

Thesis: The Devil Inside You: A Broken Bridge