Student Protests

In adhering to the principles and foundations of a liberal arts university, and in adherence with the spirit and intent of the First Amendment, the University supports the right of students to express their viewpoints in a peaceful manner that neither includes destruction of property nor hinders the operations of the University.

With that in mind, students are asked to refrain from marching through classroom buildings and the Irvine Commons. There are four areas established for assembly:

  • The Hunsaker Plaza

  • Administration Building front steps

  • Greek Theatre

  • Chapel Steps

In order to provide university support for your event, organizers are asked to notify Public Safety and the Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) of your plans. Microphones, security, publicity support and police escorts, if needed, will be provided.

There is also support provided for chalking, posters, leaflets, etc., but again organizers are asked to request assistance through SLIC to assure adherence to regular guidelines. Chalking is restricted to sidewalks only and does require coordination with SLIC. Graffiti applied to University property will result in charges for clean up, which can be significant.