Public Safety Advisory - Sept. 25, 2017

To:  University Community

From:  Department of Public Safety

Date:  September 25, 2017

Subject:  Security Advisory: Trespassing/Attempted Burglary

Public Safety and Redlands Police Department officers were called this morning about a trespassing/attempted burglary that took place at the Brockton Apartments on the Redlands campus at approximately 11:30 p.m. last night.

While sleeping inside her apartment, our student reported being awakened by noise from her window, which was partially open, and seeing an arm reaching inside. The person withdrew when our student made a noise. The same student reported hearing a person outside the same window last week.

Redlands Police are investigating, including dusting the premises for fingerprints. Public Safety has increased patrols in the surrounding area, and students are advised to be aware and alert.

  • Do not leave windows open when you go to bed or leave the room or the apartment.
  • Lock all doors and windows when inside your residence and whenever you leave it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and of the people and activity around you.
  • Call Public Safety at extension 8888 from any campus phone (or 909-748-8888) if you see suspicious activity or people, or need assistance in any way. Any off-campus emergency should be reported to Redlands Police at 911.

We have followed up with our student to offer any additional care or help she may need. We will update this notice as needed.