To:  University Community

From:  Marc Taylor, Assistant Chief, Office of Public Safety

Date:  September 25, 2016

Subject:  Timely Warning: Local Armed Robberies

An armed robbery occurred last night on Brockton Ave., at the north end of campus. Four of our students were held up by suspects holding weapons.  The University issued a Bulldog Alert at approximately 2:00 a.m. to warn our community of this safety issue and urge people to stay indoors, stay clear of the area where the event occurred, and have heightened awareness and caution when moving about campus.

Another robbery occurred in downtown Redlands last night in the 6th and Orange area.  This incident reportedly did not involve our students.

Our students were robbed at gun point as they were walking at about 11:00 p.m., east bound on Brockton, west of Grove. Two suspects approached on foot and pointed guns at them. The students handed over personal property out of fear. The suspects were seen entering a white Chrysler sedan, driven by a third suspect. The suspects/vehicle drove away east bound on Brockton.  The suspects were described as three males in their 20s with medium builds, two of whom had darker complexions and one of whom had a tattoo on his neck in cursive writing.

Redlands Police are investigating and patrolling the area, and the University has also increased staffing and patrols on and around campus.  We ask the community to contact Public Safety at ext. 8888 from any Redlands campus phone, or 909-748-8888 if you see anything suspicious on or near campus, or need help in any way.  Walk in pairs or groups whenever possible and be alert to your surroundings.  If you see these suspects, do not approach them -- call 911.

Please watch University email for updates.