Bicycles are a common and popular target for theft.  Secure your bicycle with a high-security U-lock attached to an immovable object in open, well-lighted, and highly visible area.  We also highly recommend that you register your bike with the Department of Public Safety and the City of Redlands.  If it is found, we can return it to you.  You can register your bicycle at the Department of Public Safety and the Redlands Police Department.

We highly recommend that all bicycle riders wear a protective helmet to minimize head injuries.  Bicycle riders in California are required to obey the same rules of the road as a car while being operated on city streets.   Ride with the flow of the traffic; come to a complete stop at stop signs and red traffic control lights.  You can obtain a copy of the rules of the road pamphlet from the Department of Motor Vehicles located on Lugonia Avenue west of Alabama Avenue in Redlands, or online at

No bicycle or bicycle component may be locked or secured to any sign/light post, bench, handrail or block any walkway, stairs, handicap access or other place so as to create a potential hazard.  Bicycles must be removed from campus during the summer break.  Bicycles which are deemed to be abandoned will be removed and donated to Outdoors Programs or a local charity.