Och Tamale Magazine

Spring 2020 Volume 96 Issue 1

History Mystery

historymystery.jpgCan you imagine students frolicking in the snow in Redlands? This photo was taken in 1949, but tell us if you have memories of any snowy day on campus!

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In response to our photo from the archives on page 36 of the Fall 2019 issue:

historymyst.jpgGazolly Gazump! Was I surprised to see a pajama-clad me in the History Mystery photo. That was my sophomore year, and there’s the Delta pledge pin affixed to my stylish, striped nightshirt. Next to me is Rusty Weaver ’68, who became my husband two-and-a-half years later. He finally got rid of that old cowboy hat not too long ago. The driver is Rocky Davis ’68, and that same car served as the getaway vehicle at our wedding. Months afterward it was still sprouting rice from the backseat floorboards. Thanks for thoroughly amusing our grandchildren. Our smiles show what a fun and wacky event Pajamarino was.

— Cathy West Weaver, ’69

The History Mystery photo reminded me of Pajamarino 1960.

I have a picture of myself, Nancy Stillwell Turecek ’62, Sandy Pieper ’62, and Gordon Cruikshank ’62 all dressed for the 1960 Pajamarino in which we portrayed Winkum, Blinkum, and Nod, with Father Christmas reading us a bedtime story.

We had returned in 1960 from the first Redlands in Europe group, and we became quite close with one another, like family. Naturally, we chose to be a “team” in the pajamas we probably had in Salzburg! We added a few bows, a set of long eyelashes, several stuffed animals, explanatory signs, and a great big book for Gordon—and we were ready! It was fun!

We didn’t win that year— toga-clad Pete Balch ’63 holding an Ancient Civ book did —but we did come in second, with one of us winning a blouse. Who? Neither Nancy nor I could remember, so it was probably Sandy. We simply recall the rather spontaneous and creative motive that brought us together again.

— Caroline Brigham Vassallo ’62