Rancho Cucamonga Academic Allstar

Rhiannon Brown

Master of Arts in Business Administration (MBA)
Graduation Class: April 2016


Get to Know Rhiannon

What lead you here (career choice, starting school)?

I completed my undergraduate in business at Redlands in 2014 and loved the program. I considered another graduate school in Claremont but Redlands was the better choice for me.   

Why University of Redlands?

I chose Redlands because it's local, affordable, and was created with a real learning environment. The instructors here are also amazing and have a lot of real work experience in the subjects they teach.  

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned along the way?

Having a degree doesn’t make you smart! Learning is a lifelong process and am so grateful for the experience this school has given me and the confidence to apply the principals I have learned throughout this program. 

Share a memorable moment that you have experienced at the University of Redlands?

The day I walked at graduation for the Bachelors in Business program. I cannot wait to experience the same feeling for the graduate program, although I know I will miss being here when I graduate.  

What is one tip you would like to give to a new student that is going to start their educational journey?

Be prepared to do some hard work and put in your hours of studying and writing. Redlands is not a degree mill school, you will earn your degree here and it will be so worth it. 

Tell us one fun item about yourself.

I am a student, active duty military member, mother and wife. I get my strength from God and I love to spend free time road and mountain bike cycling with my psycho-lists buddies!