Rancho Cucamonga Faculty Allstar

Dr. Denise Gideon

Adjunct Faculty
Courses Taught: Multiple Subject Curriculum and Methods

 Get to Know Dr. Gideon

Why did you decide to enter the field/discipline you teach?

I became a teacher because I enjoy seeing the world expand when students add to their understanding.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and it has always challenged me to learn more myself.

Describe your teaching philosophy:

I believe teaching is about coaching and guiding students toward personal growth; helping them find their passion and voice.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I work in Haiti with the nonprofit For a Reason. We are about accompanying students on their educational journeys in a way that forges meaningful, long term relationships while providing the financial support necessary for students to reach their educational goals. U of R recently entered into a partnership with us to provide professional development to educators in rural Haiti. Exciting times!

What is one tip you would give to a new student that is going to start their educational journey?

My advice to new students - all students - is to never think that what you do not yet know negates all that you already do know.