The Burbank Regional Campus

Located near the studios of Disney, Universal and NBC, the Burbank regional campus is home to programs for the School of Business.

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Burbank Regional Campus

Located in the hub of the nation's entertainment industry, the School of Business Burbank campus is just off the Olive Avenue exit from I-5 in downtown Burbank in the Citibank building on Magnolia Avenue.

We serve business leaders and professionals seeking career advancement, networking, and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as working adults completing their first college degree.




Alumni Spotlight: Chris Richter



Mount St. Mary’s College

BA in Art minor Business, '02

Grad Program: 

University of Redlands

MBA '18

Current Position:

Asst Manager of Talent Development

Favorite Class:  


Global Consultancy Capstone (with Michael MacQueen/Allison Fraiberg) Business, Ethics, and Society (with Bob Stone)

Favorite Professor:  

Allison Fraiberg

Fondest Memory of Burbank Campus:

First day of my MBA program in Ethics Class. Professor Stone had everyone introduce themselves and say why they decided to pursue a graduate degree. It was interesting to hear everyone’s background and reasons for going to graduate school. It solidified my decision to go to Redlands which gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by other working professionals.

What is your field of specialty, and how did you come to work in the industry?

I work in Talent Development and support the IT Division of my company. I did not have training background but loved coaching and training employees while being a branch operations manager. I had 10 years of banking operations experience when an opening in the training department opened. I was able to move to facilitating branch operations before transitioning to an instructional designer for branch operations and then IT. Without my pursuit of an MBA, I may not have been given the opportunity to move to support the IT Division. IT is completely outside of my comfort zone but the program has enabled me to approach challenges with better skills to overcome them.

In one word, how would you describe University of Redlands or Burbank Campus?


What advice would you give University of Redlands students?

If you have the opportunity to do Study Abroad or the Global Consultancy Capstone, please do so! You will learn and travel! It is an absolute win-win.

What is your favorite aspect about your current job?

As an instructional designer, I get to flex my creativity and there is always something new to learn with emerging technology. In the past few months, I have had to learn how to make videos from scratch using various tools from Articulate and Adobe.