Call for Volunteers/Nominations

University-wide Council on Inclusiveness & Community

To:  University Community
From:  President Ralph Kuncl
Date:  December 4, 2015

As I have written recently, I am convening and will lead for its first year of work a “University-wide Council on Inclusiveness and Community."  The Council’s charge is to consider, plan, and communicate actions and progress on our commitment to improve University of Redlands’ culture and climate for all.

 This memorandum constitutes a call for volunteers and nominations for Council membership.  Here are my thoughts about the composition and type of Council members I seek:

We require broad membership across all University constituencies:  the College, each School, every level of student, faculty, staff/administrators, an alumna/us and/or a trustee, perhaps a City of Redlands community member, and as representative a balance as is possible across the entire Council of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual identity, and other backgrounds.  The Council will ultimately total between 15 and 21 members.  We seek thoughtful, committed individuals with personal, educational, and/or professional perspectives that will bring great relevance, insight, sensitivity, and value to our deliberations. 

Please submit your name as a volunteer, or the name(s) of people you would like to nominate for the Council, to no later than Thursday, December 10.  I am especially interested in hearing from members of the groups listed in paragraph 2., below, who wish to volunteer or to nominate others.

I thank those of you who provided input on our process for forming the Council, which is now solidified.  Here again are the steps we will take: 

  1. I will ask a small advisory group to join me on or immediately after next Thursday to sort through the nominations received:  one or two students, one faculty member, and one staff member and/or administrator.  Some have come forward to serve with me in this capacity, and as I write, I am still considering the number and members of this group.  I will report back on this shortly.
  2. As needed, the advisory group and I will seek input on the received nominations from leaders of our Faculty and Staff/Administrators Assemblies, Faculty Senate, ASUR, the Black Faculty Caucus, B.L.A.C.C., Asian Student Association, Native American Student Union, Middle Eastern Student Association, and possibly other campus groups.
  3. If the nominations process does not yield the broadly representative Council we seek, we will reach out for another round of nominations.
  4. Our goal is to form the Council by end of term on December 19 if possible, and to convene in mid-to-late-January, 2016. 


I look forward to receiving names of potential Council members and to continuing our important work together.