Before/Upon Arrival

Check-In (Online or In-Person)

Upon arrival at the University of Redlands, international students must complete a check-in process, which can be done either online or in person. This step is crucial for confirming your presence on campus and activating your student status. During check-in, you'll be asked to provide essential documents such as your passport, visa, and I-20 form. It's an opportunity to verify your enrollment details, update your contact information, and ensure compliance with immigration regulations. The university offers orientation sessions during this period to help you acclimate to the campus environment and available resources.


Orientation for incoming international students at the University of Redlands is an essential program designed to welcome you to the university community and prepare you for your academic journey ahead. This comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, including academic expectations, campus resources, student services, and cultural adjustment strategies. It provides an opportunity to meet faculty members, connect with fellow international and domestic students, and learn about the academic and social landscape of the university. Special sessions are included to address the specific needs of international students, such as visa regulations, health insurance, and employment opportunities. Participation in the orientation program is highly encouraged as it lays the foundation for a successful and enriching college experience.

Additionally, the Office of Global Education hosts a special orientation tailored specifically for international students. This session focuses on unique aspects of international student life, offering detailed guidance on navigating cultural transitions, understanding immigration policies, and accessing specialized support services available through OGE.

Getting Settled

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Who is Involved?

Enrollment Team

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Perla Ramos – Transfer Student

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Leeann Gonzalez -  College or arts and Sciences Graduate

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Anita Oshaben – School of Business and Society

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Kay Thomas – San Francisco Theological Seminary

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Michelle Kanu – School of Education

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International Ambassadors

International Ambassadors are a group of current international students at the University of Redlands who volunteer to assist new arrivals in their transition to university life. These ambassadors can provide invaluable insights into student life, share experiences about adapting to a new culture, and offer practical advice on academic and social matters. They play a key role in orientation events, campus tours, and social gatherings, making them an essential resource for incoming international students. Engaging with an International Ambassador can greatly ease the adjustment process and foster a sense of community from the outset. Students are encouraged to connect with these ambassadors for support and guidance throughout their initial weeks on campus.

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Office of Global Education

Director, Office of Global Education

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Associate Director of International Student and Scholar

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Program Coordinator

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Housing and Residence Life


Housing is a critical aspect of the transition for incoming international students at the University of Redlands. The university offers a variety of on-campus housing options designed to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its international student body. From traditional residence halls to apartment-style living, there is a range of choices to ensure comfort and convenience. It's important to apply for housing early to secure your preferred living arrangements, and international students can seek guidance from the Office of Global Education on housing processes and deadlines. Living on campus provides a supportive community environment, making it easier to form friendships and immerse in the campus culture. 

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