Suit Up Scholarships 2022


What’s the Cost of Looking Professional?

For a typical University of Redlands student, the price of a single professional outfit is two months of groceries. Over a month's worth of meal plans. Or a week of rent money.

Aspiring professionals shouldn’t have to choose between dressing appropriately for a job interview or having groceries for the month.

Give hard-working University of Redlands students the confidence they deserve for their first interview, job, or internship by giving to the Suit Up campaign. 


Learn more about the Suit-Up Scholarship Fund

The Suit-Up Scholarship Fund aims to provide 20 U of R students with a $100 gift card to use at the JC Penny’s Suit-Up Event. They will have access to deeply discounted professional clothing and supportive guides directing them toward the right fit, colors, and patterns for their anticipated job.

Can’t financially donate right now? Donate your time to help!

If you love working with young professionals, can use a tape measure, and can pick out the difference between jeans and slacks, we would love to consider you for a volunteer role at the JC Penny’s Suit-Up Event. Email us at for more information.