Forever Yours Campaign

Redlands unites us in a common bond that lasts a lifetime—from our timeless traditions entrusted to us by those who came before to the excitement and pride we feel for each incoming student. Now we look to the future. Redlands. Forever Yours.

True to our traditions and legacy, University of Redlands is dedicated to enabling students to pursue their passions and potential. And as we look to the future, we look to all of you. The goal of our $200 million Forever Yours campaign is simple: preserve and enhance every significant aspect of the Redlands experience.


Scholarship Promise


Affordability. Access. Excellence. Our commitment has never been clearer, nor the need greater.

Providing students with need- and merit-based financial aid and scholarships to support them throughout their Redlands journey has always been a cornerstone of a Redlands education. We have an opportunity to provide the gift of a Redlands education to deserving students, just as past generations of alumni and friends did for many of us.


Personalized Education


Redlands faculty do much more than teach. They form lasting, impactful bonds with their students, enriching both the professor and the scholar.

University of Redlands is known for faculty focused on teaching and developing personal relationships with students. Challenging. Questioning. Engaging in a thoughtful, intimate environment where learning is paramount. Our goal of $40 million will preserve the transformative impact our faculty has on students now and in the future.


Experiential Learning


The realm of possibilities outside the classroom is endless, inspiring students to impact the world that surrounds them with unbounded confidence.

Above and beyond core studies, we are committed to continuing a tradition of experiential learning with competitive athletics, academic and leadership opportunities, work experience, community service learning, and so much more. Our $40 million goal will ensure in new and meaningful ways that students graduate with a balanced mind, heart, and sense of personal responsibility.


Global Perspectives


To say that these opportunities are something students will never forget is an understatement because study abroad is much more than a destination.

Few of our Redlands stories would be complete without the global perspectives the University offers. Through initiatives at home and abroad, we expose students to new ideas, cultures, and approaches. Our $10 million goal seeks to preserve and expand this life-changing opportunity for those who want to learn in today’s global classroom.


Educational Innovation


Educational innovation touches every part of what Redlands does. How we teach, how we offer classes, how our students work with information.

University of Redlands offers groundbreaking programs across a wide range of disciplines, fueling our passion to excel in academics and our lives. This $10 million fundraising goal will help us adapt and build out curricula and facilities to meet the demands of tomorrow.