Things to Know About Campus


A US Bank ATM is located in the Hunsaker University Center (see campus map).

Laundry Facilities

Every residence hall and apartment has access to a community laundry facility. All washers and dryers are equipped with Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card readers. In order for all charges made during use to appear on statements as one charge, the machine will place an $8 hold on the card for up to 8 hours after the card is used. Laundry costs $1.25 to wash and $0.75 to dry.

Lost and Found

Please check with Public Safety located on the south end of the Willis Center (see campus map). Property turned into lost and found will be recorded and held for 6 months, with the exception of water bottles and clothing which are disposed of immediately. If you believe an item has been stolen, Public Safety will assist you in filing a report and/or contacting Redlands PD.