Thursday, June 21 | Olympia
Overnight: Pylos

Birthplace of the Ancient Olympics!  We tour the site and the redesigned museum.  After our lunch break we drive southwest into the land of Mycenaean King Nestor: Messinia and Pylos. 

In the late afternoon, we visit Methoni, the castle listed as one the-must-see-places in Peloponnese.

Friday, June 22 | Nestor’s Palace-Mani, Oitylo
Overnight: Oitylo

In the morning we visit the Methoni fortress and Nestor’s Palace. After a long period of restoration, the best-preserved Mycenaean palace is finally open to explore.

From here our coach will take us further south, past the city of Kalamata, to the town of Oitylo in the Mani peninsula, one of the most authentic and tourist-free parts of Greece.

Saturday, June 23 | Mani
Overnight: Oitylo

Our full day tour of the Mani peninsula includes many remarkable sites: Areopolis, the Diros caves, Vatheia and—fair warning—Cape Tainaron, the legendary gates to Hades! Stone houses and family fortress-towers, barren rocks where only oregano and thyme grow among olive trees, mountains and the sea, small Byzantine churches in the middle of nowhere, stories about Greeks and Turks, pirates and Arabs, the Mani has something for everyone—and some of the best seafood in Greece!

Sunday, June 24 | Epidaurus and Nafplion
Overnight: Nafplion

The most spectacular ancient theatre of the country is located here, in the small inner valley of Epidaurus, surrounded by rocky heights.

Nafplion was the first capital of the new-born Greek state from 1823 to 1834. Venetians, Franks and Turks all left their marks on the city. From the medieval fortress remains through 18th century castles, fountains, neoclassical buildings, all Nafplion’s precious gems waiting for you to discover!