Monday, June 25 | Mycenae & National Archaeological Museum in Athens
Overnight: Athens

We start our day at the palace of Agamemnon, Mycenae. Indissolubly linked to the Homeric epics.  The citadel, situated at a natural strongpoint, was the first to be discovered among a number of settlements and acropolises of the Late Bronze Age. We’ll discuss the burial customs of the period while overlooking the remains of the famous burial circles and the almost intact Treasury of Atreus.

Then we drive to Athens for the first of our two visits to the city, and explore the National Museum, where hundreds of ancient Greece’s most famous and treasured artifacts are on display.

Tuesday, June 26 | Trip to Naxos Island

Overnight: Naxos

From Peiraeus port we catch the ferry to Naxos for three days of relaxation, swimming, fine food and wine on, according to the Conde Nast Traveller “one of the most beautiful islands in the world”. Herodotus described Naxos as “the happiest of islands”: let’s find out why!

Wednesday, June 27 - Friday, June 29 | Naxos and Delos
Overnight: Naxos

No matter how long you stay on Naxos, it is never long enough. Fully grasping what the island has to offer from just one visit is a wonderful challenge.  You must store the things you learn, retain images of its vast beaches and marble antiquities, husband its many unique local flavors, and plan to make a swift return for more.

The millennia-long history of Delos is filled with the drama, angst and spirit of the ancient Mediterranean human experience.  Delos was once the abode of powerful gods, a place of religious reverence and hard political struggle, a playground for the fabulously wealthy, an important port-of-call for Aegean seafarers and the scene of untold human misery as the region’s central market and clearinghouse for human chattel, bought and sold in iron restraints.

We have our own private charter from Naxos to Delos.

Saturday, June 30 | Athens
Overnight: Athens

In the afternoon of the 14th day of our voyage, we catch the ferry across the Aegean Sea back to Athens and the port of Piraeus.

Sunday, July 1 | 16 Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Sounion, and Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center
Overnight: Athens

Our voyage finishes back in Athens. We climb the Acropolis for the Parthenon and its sister temples, then visit the spectacular new museum –one of the world’s greatest.

The new Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center and the side trip to Cape Sounion enrich our sense of the ancient and contemporary faces of Athens.

July, 2 | Safe Journey Home

Farewell friends! Hope to see you again soon!