What is required to operate American Electronics?

You will need an adapter plug for your electronics. French plugs are type C and E. Here is an adapter from Amazon or look for one that is universal. Please check your electronics to ensure they can run off of 220/240V, the standard in France.

What is the weather forecast?

The daytime high temperature should be roughly 70°F. Showers are also in the forecast throughout the month. So please prepare for a little rain. We recommended bringing a light hooded jacket or an umbrella. 

What should we pack?

Gentlemen will need a  jacket for our dinners. Please pack comfortable shoes as we will be doing a lot of walking. 

What is the recommended transportation from CDG to the Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel?  

When you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport, we recommend using Le Bus Direct. The bus arrives in each terminal every fifteen minutes. Please take the bus to the Eiffel Tower stop, which is a block away from our hotel. For more information on the bus please visit their website. You may, of course, take a cab to the hotel, the approximate cost is €50 (paid in cash).

What time is the check-in at the Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel? 

The check-in time for the Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel is 3:00 PM. Should you need to store your bags prior to check-in, the hotel can accommodate us. 

Do any/all of our hotels have self-service laundry facilities available?  Or, might there be laundromats nearby? 

Unfortunately none of our hotels have self-service laundry and laundromats are quite rare and thus not near our hotels.

On May 23rd, what time of day will the tour group be meeting for the first time? 

Our bus tour on May 23 will begin 2:00 PM. This allows all travelers to arrive and enjoy lunch on their own in Paris.

Does our tour of the Eiffel Tower include the opportunity to go all the way to the top of the tower?  

Due to time constrains we our tour of the Eiffel Tower goes to the second floor. If you wish to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower we can help arrange this. This would be a great alternative for travelers that do not wish to attend Disney Paris.

According to the published itinerary, we will be in Normandy on the US Memorial Day - May 29th. Are there any special remembrance activities planned in recognition of the day and location? 

The Normandy American Cemetery will host its annual Memorial Day Ceremony on Sunday, May 28. We will be visiting Normandy the day after the ceremony on Monday, May 29. Flags will still be present when we visit. 

We have 3 dining events planned when wearing something more than casual wear would be appropriate (La Petit Chaise, the Moulin Rouge and the dinner cruise on the Seine).  What is the recommended dress? 

The recommended attire is dressy-casual for La Petite Chaise, and business casual for the Moulin Rouge and Seine Cruise.

The exchange rate between the Euro and the US Dollar has changed, making the US Dollar stronger.  Will there be any change in the cost of this trip, because of the favorable change in the exchange rate?

We based the trip price off of a favorable exchange rate and secured our reservations early, so no adjustments can be made.