Heather King

The British Isles have captivated Heather King since childhood, initially through the novels of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters and the history of Anne Boleyn. While studying eighteenth-century British literature for her Ph.D., Heather became even more enamored with the history and culture of these distinct countries within one kingdom. She is eager to share some storied locations with you - Gretna Green, the eighteenth-century destination for eloping couples seeking a "Las Vegas wedding"; the haunting location of the tragic battle of Culloden; the Lake District, Elizabeth Bennet's intended destination in Pride and Prejudice; Dublin, home of writers as diverse as Laurence Sterne and James Joyce, or Edinburgh, home of her two favorite philosophers, Adam Smith and David Hume. Heather fell for Edinburgh when she got to participate in the U of R production of Hamlet that toured there in 2017, and for Dublin in 2010 when she held a short research fellowship at Trinity College.

Heather is a Professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences, teaching courses on Eighteenth-Century literature, Jane Austen, Shakespeare in Adaptation, and Children's literature (including Harry Potter - let's go see the cemetery where Rowling got the inspiration for some of her names!)


Alison Roedl

The travel bug bit Alison early having spent most holidays, breaks and vacations away from home and traveling with her family. She appreciates learning about a place and culture through literature, food, and architecture; so much can be said by the words written, foods eaten, and places we spend our time. Having traveled through many parts of Europe, Alison is continually amazed by the depth of time represented by built spaces throughout; she looks forward to experiencing the natural and built wonders of the British Isles with you!

Alison graduated from Redlands in 2010 and will finish her Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership degree from the School of Business this spring. She is a natural connector of people to each other and opportunities and takes great pride in her ability to hear others. She is currently an Associate Director of Alumni & Community Relations and coordinates the Alumni Travel program.