What kind of project can I organize? 

Consider any organization that could use volunteers and does not require fundraising to participate. Past projects have included races, building homes, food packaging, reading to children, working at animal shelters and so much more. Be creative and think outside of the box to attract the most alumni to your project.  There are hundreds of organizations that are in need of helping hands and are waiting for your call. 

How do I get project ideas?

1. Check with local volunteer organizations such as the United Way, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, the YMCA or food banks. 

2. Call the convention bureau, the Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation Departments, local schools or the Mayor’s office for ideas or special projects you can help with. 

3. Ask your family & friends for ideas!

What kind of projects work best?

1. Choose a project with a definite beginning and ending that can be completed within one day, so that participants will know their efforts made a difference. Consider a project where alumni work together, instead of being spread out at different locations.

2. A project that is already is established, or one where the non-profit organization is “pre-organized” to handle groups of volunteers. Try to identify a project that offers appropriate work opportunities for people with different skill sets and physical abilities. Kids and older alumni want to participate too. 

How do I organize my project?

1. Call the nonprofit that you wish to help and find out if they will take a group on March 24th.   

2. Ensure there will be enough work to do and have backup work ideas if projects get completed. 

3. Be clear about what materials the non-profit organization will be providing (such as paint or cleaning supplies) and what participants will need to bring.  

4. Always be sure that the volunteers have access to water and restrooms. 

Before filling out the electronic interest form below take a look at everything you will need to complete it by having these questions answered

For questions please call Maritza Solis at the Office of  Alumni & Community Relations at 909.748.8011.