Class Reunion Volunteer Tasks

As a member of your Class Reunion Committee, you have an important role as a class leader and advocate for the University. Alumni volunteers are vital to engaging classmates and inspiring them to have a meaningful impact on the University of Redlands during their reunion year. Your enthusiastic leadership will help make your class’s reunion experience great.

Chairs and Co-Chairs:
Provide support and feedback for your committee members as they reach out to at least ten classmates to encourage attendance at the reunion and participation in the class gift. Ask each of your committee members to give to the class gift by the end of December.

Recruiting a large and diverse planning committee will help boost reunion energy and attendance. This will greatly increase the likelihood that your classmates will see a friend’s name on the planning committee and/or attendance list, encouraging them to come. The question everyone asks when they decide whether or not to attend a reunion is “Will I know anybody there?” You want the answer to be, “Yes!”

Committee Members:
Pass along important information regarding reunion plans, news from campus, and other relevant updates.
Contact ten other classmates to get them excited for Reunion, encourage their attendance, and secure their gift for the Class Campaign.