Danny Genung was born and raised in Redlands, California. His passion for travel started as a child when he helped organize the brochures at his grandfather’s travel agency. He would constantly daydream of traveling to exotic locales, visiting iconic landmarks and interacting with fascinating cultures. These dreams would soon become a reality when he was able to study abroad in Salzburg while attending the University of Redlands (’04 & ’05). The Salzburg program forever changed Danny’s life as he would also meet his future wife Kristen Plante (’04) while studying abroad. Last year they welcomed their own little Salzburg legacy to the world, Danny’s pride and joy, baby Ava Jane.  Ava Jane took her first trip to Salzburg at 5 months old and will return again this summer.  Today, Danny owns and manages Harr Travel Inc, a full-service travel agency.  In addition to leading private groups, he curates unique travel experiences for his clients.  Up next on Danny’s personal bucket list is Antarctica and he hopes to get there by the end of 2018.


    U of R Alumni Trips Lead: Salzburg ’13, Mississippi Paddlewheel ’14, Salzburg ’15, Italy ’16, and Alaska ‘16

    Total number of people lead on personally crafted adventures: 1523

    Number of countries personally visited: 103

    Number of journeys to Europe: 37

    Number of cruises: 91

    Number of future cruises currently booked: 8


Danny Genung

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