Amsterdam tulips


Tulip Time

Tulips come in a vast variety to lure insects for pollination. After roses and chrysanthemums, it is the tulips that follow in the list of most popular flowers across the globe.  Late April and early May in Holland is the perfect time of year to visit as it falls right in the heart of tulip season. The beautiful patchwork of stunning hues dazzle millions of visitors every year.  During the Dutch spring, countless millions of bulbs from 800 different varieties of tulips bloom; it is truly a unique and unforgettable experience. The city of Amsterdam displays over 500,000 tulips around the city in addition to those in shops and gardens.  These flowers were once worth their weight in gold during Tulipmania in the 17th century.  Dutch families sold off their fortunes and risked it all on the hopes that their colorful bulbs would bloom and multiply.


Keukenhof, also called the Garden of Europe, is the biggest flower garden in the world. Every mid-March to mid-May the Keukenhof garden just outside Amsterdam displays millions of tulips and spring blossoms.  The staff at the Keukenhof plants 7 million bulbs each year by hand to create this unbelievable display of color.


Whisper Boat Ride

Relax as you enjoy the peace and quiet of the endless bulb fields around Keukenhof in an electrically-propelled whisper boat. These boats travel through the beautiful Dutch flower bulb landscape in virtual silence and give you an eye-level view of these seas of color. The boat trip takes 45 minutes, so sit back and enjoy the ride.