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Dr. Lei Lani Stelle former Chair of the Biology department at the University of Redlands is a leading expert in marine mammals. With a particular focus on whales, dolphins, and sea lions, she has led research on swimming and foraging behaviors as well as on the impact humans are having on these magnificent creatures.

She spent 6 years in upstate New York where she investigated river otters, and her research has taken her throughout the Pacific coast from Mexico to Alaska. She has taught travel courses in Palau, Ecuador, Baja, Pacific NW, and has led research expeditions involving citizen scientists for over 20 years. “I had a wonderful experience leading the UR Alumni cruise to Alaska” noted Stelle as this trip was planned, “I am looking forward to sharing my love of marine mammals with our alumni.”

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Katie Cure ’97


Katie Cure ’97 will be joining you from sunny Redlands, CA where she makes her home with her two Bulldogs-in-Training, Emily (17) and Sophia (15). Emily will begin her own Redlands journey in the Fall of 2019 as a member of the Class of 2023. The three are avid explorers and have travel bucket lists a mile long. Sophia traveled to Japan for a brief exchange program in March, while Katie and Emily hit the open road to explore the American Southwest. With a little luck and planning their next big adventure will take them to South America.

Katie works on the Advancement Team and loves to share her passion for the University of Redlands with so many fellow alumni and friends of the institution. She spent one college semester studying in Boston where the leaves transformed in the blink of an eye, faster than she could take it all in. Katie is thrilled to be traveling with the University of Redlands Alumni group this Fall and can’t wait to explore so many great cities in Canada and New England with all of you!



Danny Genung

Danny Genung was born and raised in Redlands, California. His passion for travel started as a child when he helped organize the brochures at his grandfather’s travel agency. He would constantly daydream of traveling to exotic locales, visiting iconic landmarks and interacting with fascinating cultures. These dreams would soon become a reality when he was able to study abroad in Salzburg while attending the University of Redlands (’04 & ’05). The Salzburg program forever changed Danny’s life as he would also meet his future wife Kristen Plante (’04) while studying abroad. Two years ago, they welcomed their own little Redlands Salzburg legacy to the world, Danny’s pride and joy, little Ava Jane.  Ava Jane took her first trip to Salzburg at 5 months old and just spent a month there this past summer.  Today, Danny owns and manages Harr Travel Inc, a full-service travel agency.  In addition to leading private groups, he curates unique travel experiences for his clients.  He loves cruising and has personally been on over 100 cruises.  He is excited to share his insider knowledge of cruising with you.

Up next on Danny’s personal bucket list is the arctic circle and Antarctica.  He hopes to get to both by the end of 2020.