How to Read Aloud

1. Preview the Book: Your experience will be much better if you have read the book at
least once beforehand. This will also ensure that there are no "surprises" as you read

2) Introduce Yourself: Introduce yourself at the start of the video. Feel free to announce
the organization, city, or company you are representing during your introduction.

3) Introduce the Book: Start your reading with “Read by permission from the name of the
publisher” and be sure to read the name of the author and illustrator. This not only
meets the temporary guidelines but also helps to reinforce the concept that people not
only write but also draw pictures for books.

4) How You Hold the Book: Children need to see the illustrations, so be sure that the book
is wide open and held to your side so that you can read the story and share it on video at
the same time.

5) Point Out Details: Point out details in illustrations and characterizations to help children
understand the story. Use sound effects, hand motions, facial expressions, and changes
in tone to engage the audience.

6) Ask Questions: Periodically pause and ask a question to the audience. This can help with
ensuring that the student is engaged during the entire story.

7) Have Fun: This is the most important step, have fun. When you are happy your listeners
are also happy! And don't forget to smile!