Delta Spring 2020

Not even a pandemic though would prevent Delta seniors from walking across the stage as they should…even if it was in the dark of night before campus closed in March.  And on Friday, April 17 at 5:00 pm Delta alumna, Liran Koropitzer ’19, organized a Zoom virtual graduation for the Class of 2020.  Many sisters, both past and present, joined in the fun as Liran read the following poem and the names and majors of graduating seniors on the call:

The D is for DELTA: Graduation Edition

 D is for dreams, the things that will keep you going. Check off this one today and never stop your list from growing. You’ve accomplished so much to get where you are today, as the years stretch on, the pride will stay. 

 E is for Excitement. Your journeys have just begun. If you thought undergrad was great, just wait for all the adulting fun. The next decade before you will be one of growth and adventure, at least for the next few months you’re off the hook from online lecture.   

 L is for legacy, something I have no doubt that each and every one of you have made, at least I’d sure hope so after everything you’ve paid. Your time as an undergrad may have come to an end, but life is full of joys and surprises just waiting around the next bend. 

 T is for Tenacity. A trait each of you exudes, I’m sure if someone had predicted this day, you’d laugh in their face and say “ya, right dude”.  If these events have shown us anything it’s your immense strength, no matter what knocks you down, you’ll keep on fighting and go to any length. 

 A is for alumni, which you now officially are. As you can see your Delta sisters have gathered together from near and far. No matter where your journey takes you next, know you’ll always have a friend, and to be completely honest, that’s what matters most in the end.

Other fun ways select Delta seniors celebrated their graduation in spite of COVID-19 include:

From afar:

  • Kami Fernandez’s family threw their own little graduation ceremony in Tustin, CA complete with “The Graduation March”, a podium, speeches, a diploma, and all. They celebrated with tacos and margaritas after viewing a video Kami’s mom had created that included pictures over the years and congratulatory messages from friends and family – the video being a fun surprise for Kami.

  • Molly Lindsay’s parents put on a graduation ceremony for her with her own diploma, commencement speaker, and even a parade at her home in San Diego, CA. Molly stood outside her house while friends and co-workers drove their decorated cars by while honking and yelling “congratulations”!  Many of the neighbors joined in the festivities by clanking pots and pans in Molly’s honor.  It was hard for them to miss knowing what was going on since Molly’s mom had made a sign to let the whole neighborhood know a graduate of the University of Redlands lived among them.

  • Charleston (Charly) Walters celebrated from home in West Palm Beach, FL where her Delta family line chatted via Zoom to celebrate and catch up with one another prior to the all sorority call. Needing to improvise, Charly retrieved her high school graduation cap from the back of her closet which happened to be black like her Redlands cap and gown would have been.  That was the best she could do since her Redlands regalia was inconveniently stuck in her storage unit.  Charly wore her scholar-athlete stole, the only one shipped to her vs. those she will receive at Homecoming and/or were being held hostage in storage.  Charly’s mom took pictures, while six feet away, of Charly in her cap, stole and bikini to poke fun at what she was really spending most of her day doing!  A celebratory dinner was held which involved Charly sitting at the halfway point of the stairs with her parents seated at the bottom enjoying the same yummy sliders.  Social distancing was necessary since Charly came home from Redlands a week into April vs. March.

In Redlands:

  • Brittany Dinkins celebrated with roommates who had also graduated but joined family for their traditional Friday night trivia via Zoom.

  • Lucy Jordan celebrated with fellow Delta and best friend Samantha Jara. The two spent the day at the University’s amphitheater where their graduation would have been held.  They had lunch and ceremoniously walked themselves across the stage.  Sami and Lucky met freshman year when they were randomly paired to be roommates in Williams.  They soon became best friends and spent the rest of their days at Redlands together.  Lucky and Sami rushed and decided “shades of lavender” were their colors for life!

Charly Walters shared Deltas of all ages “flooded social media with kind words for the graduating seniors which was so appreciated!  Delta made the day as special as they could, given the circumstances, and I will never forget that!”

Stay safe, sisters, and remember to stay connected online until we can all be together again!


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