Partnership Benefits

If you've worked in any field or industry for more than a few years, you've seen how changes in technology, regulation and theory have transformed the way you do your job.

It's important to stay on the cutting edge of your industry, and the University of Redlands can help.

Through our strategic partnerships, we offer tuition discounts and customized training programs that make it easier for students to receive high-quality, specialized education and training geared specifically to working professionals.

All partners receive generous tuition discounts and are eligible for:

  • On-site instruction

  • Modified schedules

  • Customized curriculum


Student Responsibility
It is the student's responsibility to research our current strategic partnerships and to alert our enrollment or student services team if they believe they are eligible for a discount. Discounts are not retroactive and will be applied to the first billing cycle after a Discount/Scholarship Change form is signed. 

Corporate Partnerships
Our corporate partners represent a broad range of specialties. From banking to rocket science, healthcare to government, the University of Redlands helps keep our students on top of the latest trends in their industry and helps them to apply best practices immediately.

Education Partnerships
The University of Redlands Office of Graduate and Professional Enrollment has teamed up with community colleges and unified school districts throughout Southern California to provide tuition discounts and offerings similar to our business partners.

To learn more about establishing a partnership for your organization, please contact us.