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You think about the impact you’ll make as an educator and realize that a master’s, doctoral, or credentialing program helps you take the next step and provide an even greater influence. Yet, while you have already earned a bachelor’s, the application process for a graduate degree in education isn’t always straightforward. You wonder if a program will help you reach your goals or if it will fit into your schedule, or you have concerns about the application process. 

As you think about the skills and knowledge needed to uplift today’s and future students, the School of Education’s enrollment counselors reflect the University of Redlands’ mission of educational justice and equity. Our team helps guide you through the application process, evaluate program selection in the context of your long-term goals, and discuss other pertinent points, from curriculum to format. 

We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our enrollment counselors to present your questions and discuss your objectives before submitting your application to ensure you’re on the right track.

Find an Enrollment Counselor

Look below to find your Enrollment Counselor, and click on their "Schedule an appointment" link to choose a time and date that works for you. Appointments can be held over the phone, virtually, or face-to-face in our office. Appointments last 30-60 minutes.

We encourage you to start your free application prior to meeting with your counselor, as this may trigger additional questions you'd like to discuss or concerns you may have.


Why Work with a Graduate Admissions Counselor?

You have aspirations and seek to continually grow and support others. Yet, the process of applying to graduate school can be daunting, if not confusing. A graduate enrollment counselor strives to demystify this process, partnering with you to provide the most accurate information about the School of Education’s programs and to help you navigate your journey.

Rather than go through this process alone, here’s why you should consider working with one of our enrollment counselors:

  • We’re here to answer your questions: Graduate school is a significant commitment in terms of hours and assignments. It’s not a decision to take lightly, and as a result, professionals may hold off on applying. Yet, you understand the importance of growing your knowledge and credentials in terms of advancing your career and assisting students. Graduate admissions counselors help clarify questions you may have concerning cost, credits involved, program length and format, curriculum, and time commitment and provide information about scholarships, assistantships, housing, and other ways to fund your degree.
  • We’re ready to discuss your goals: Is a graduate degree or credentialing program the right fit for your long-term goals? How do you transition your knowledge into a more advanced position within your school system? Our enrollment counselors don’t just discuss your application but help you evaluate our range of programs to determine what aligns with where you see yourself.
  • We’re prepared to guide you through the application process: Our enrollment counselors act as coaches during the application process. Along with answering any questions, we touch on all documents you need to submit, your background in relation to admission requirements, and financial aid opportunities for graduate students.

How to Make the Most of Your Appointment

If you’re thinking about working with a graduate admissions counselor, schedule your appointment well in advance of the program start date. 

Appointments with an enrollment counselor are not required for admissions but are an opportunity for students to share their educational journey, ask questions about our programs, and determine their next steps.

For these appointments:

  • start and go over your application in advance;
  • put together a series of questions about the application and program;
  • be prepared to discuss your career goals and current educational and professional background; and
  • think about additional factors, including whether an on-campus or online program suits your schedule, how to prepare for credentialing, funding your education, and fulfilling any fieldwork requirements, and bring them to your counselor’s attention to go over your options.

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